Eco A Game About Human Ingenuity And Living Life The Right Way!

Who has an interest in playing a survival game? Not any old survival game but something that resonates with real life maybe putting the player back in touch with grass roots and the meaning of life? If so, Eco might just strike a chord.

Eco is a game that could have been pulled right out of the pages of one of Gregg Braden's earlier works. This 61 year old scientist and New Age author wrote of such a world being a reality over a decade ago, and it would not be surprising if the creators of this game used his writings for inspiration, such is the similarity in even some of the minutest detail.

This is a game that will very much divide people. Although with that said there really is something for everyone, if only they get a clear picture of what it is all about.

Some people say life is a game, That's a great way of living life. Not taking oneself or anyone else too seriously. However in this game of life, it's all back to basics. Not just survival of one's own personal being, but that of the planet and all the things that are part of life itself.

All actions have consequences, so one must be very careful about what they do, should they later be on the receiving end of repercussions.

The globe is populated by thousands of animals and plants, each serving a purpose. Dig up too many plants needs thinking about. One could destroy a food source from a specific breed of animal, who as a result ends up becoming extinct.

One has to fully understand this eco system, this never ending chain of life and the rules that must be followed so as not to extinguish it. Lands can become polluted and deforested with species left extinct and habitats destroyed.

Eco is a highly evolved game that offers as much of an education as it does as a source of entertainment. Be assured after playing, one will certainly be left with food for thought, things might not be the same again!

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