A Few Memories Of Some Very Funny Video Games - Who's Seen Them?

Does anyone know where sailors go in their spare time? Let's face it video games have little to prove when it comes to being funny anymore. There's been plenty of funny video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Portal Borderlands and Monkey Island, there's also been plenty more that have provided all of us a zillion laughs over the years.

Although there is no shortage of funny video games, sometimes even the bleak, depressing and deadly serious type games can still offer up a great joke or two.

Often they unexpectedly throw up a laugh even when it's obviously done unintentionally and they're not trying to, thanks to glitches or questionable acting or writing, along with other unpredictable errors, whilst the production has been put together.

Here are some picks of some other memorable glitch moments, stuff that's hard to forget!

Skate 3 - A Culmination of Glitches

Glitches in games have forever been a source of hilarity and amusement for the game player. One of the favorites way up there is unquestionably Skate 3.

Here's a game with its sandboxy nature in conjunction with its own free-form physics that creates endless opportunities for all kinds of limb-flapping carry-ons.

Looking For Some Sailors

Yeah, such a shame, Poor old Ryo. All he wants is to find a few sailors. Where they all hang out and at what time of the day. What they actually look like and if they've any tattoos!

Tekken 3 - Kuma Gets Rejected

One almost feels like they are cheating including a fighting game ending in this kind of a list, but this one really is too good to leave on the shelf.

Here's a game crammed with endings both unintentional as well as intentional. Some of them are absolutely hilarious with Kuma's being the best. Seriously, where else can one see such intricacies of bear amorousness and romance? If you make it through the clicks & play until the end of the game, it's a near certainty that you will be satisfied with Kuma's adventures. Give it a shot!

Ocelot's Cat Call

It has to be said that it is rather dubious one can even classify Metal Gear Solid as a serious type game, especially when breaking down some of its chock-full moments.

That said, with funny video games none were so totally unexpected or truly laugh aloud funny as when Ocelot starts to meow in Metal Gear Solid 3, who is likely to forget that!

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