Unearthing the History of Slot Machines

What gambler wouldn't know about the all-time favorite and staple waging choice of all in land-based casinos - the renowned slot machines, right? This game has made its name echo all throughout the industry and across the globe and has become an icon in the world of betting. It's known in unique names from different countries - the Australia calls it the poker machine, the United Kingdom got accustomed in calling it the fruit machine, while the United States was the source of why we call it as we know it today. However, before being one of the go-to choice of wagers when they visit an establishment, this mechanical machine that we oh-so love has gone through consecutive changes throughout the history that turned it to the game that got us addicted today.

From being games that offered gum as their top prize, slot machines now offers life-changing prizes that'll blow your mind. Its difference from the way it started out is definitely extreme which makes its history even more intriguing. The first type of this game was of course, based on poker, one of the most eminent card waging games even back then. Charles Fey built the first machine on this category as the answer to whether the game of poker can be automated. The First machine was called the Liberty Bell which was one of the 5 symbols on the 3-reel game which Fey Created.

Unfortunately, Fey's Liberty Bell was banned in the place where he's located, however, this proved to be no obstacle for the game as its popularity has already echoed through many places. The Liberty Bell symbol was the jackpot symbol for the game and if you luckily get all of them in the reels of the game, you'll be able to grab the jackpot prize. The payouts back then were gums with fruit flavors which is also the source of some of the famous symbols for this game today like the cherries, melon and many more.

When 1963 came, Bally Technologies Incorporated came up with a slot that's electromechanical - the Money Honey. This revolutionary change has allowed for electrical components to replace some of the full-mechanical components of the first model. This has made it possible to increase payouts and prizes through allowing multi-coin bets while also vastly improving the gameplay.

The industry was then taken by storm when the Microchip tech made its way to the world on 1980 which has helped to produce the first video slots while also contributing to the online slots we know of today. This technology has also made it possible to produce the ever-so famous progressive jackpots along with other things that we have are reveling on this new age.

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