Reeling Back To All Our Yesteryear's & The Star Wars Droids!

When thinking about the Star Wars Droids although they seemed lame, they definitely had a hard hitting theme song. It was performed and written by Stewart Copeland none other than the drummer of that famous 80's band the Police!

As a way of capturing the memories of Star Wars Droids, the intro music still lives on compliments of the internet. As well as the hard kickin' theme song, one can also revel in a bit of super nostalgia, as there's a readily available clip that comes with some of the series most notable animations, with plenty more besides!

Of course the music that accompanied the Droids throughout the shows was way off the mark when comparing to the original themes that John Williams created for the original movie sound tracks.

There is no doubt that Star Wars Droids had a superb creative team behind it. Well known famed sound designer Ben Burtt, who produced all of the iconic Star Wars tracks, had a big involvement with the series along with Paul Dini. Here was the guy who would eventually move on and lend his creative genius to the widely acknowledged Batman: The Animated Series.

Similar to Start Wars, The Droids from The Clone Wars benefitted hugely from a big budget that was around a quarter of a million dollars, just for one episode. In terms of animated series, this makes it one of the most expensive productions at that particular time.

People will argue that Droids never had the ability to capture that same spark that the movies managed to create and as a result, all ended up being rather generic as a consequence.

Some accounts point the finger at the network, and say all they were interested in was just having safe programing for their targeted audience.

In a 2004 interview Paul Dini was quoted saying: ""Every time we wanted to stretch it a little bit, (ABC) would kick up a fuss over it.""

None the less one still can't deny that Star Wars Droids definitely made their mark, and they even bought together concepts that would later go on to play a huge part in the ever evolving world of Star Wars.

Who could ever have imagined that, when they first got to experience seeing the original classic way back in the 70's? That really does seem like light years ago. In Star War terms, it actually is!

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